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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Oklahoma Divorce Attorney Uses Organic Search to Lower Cost Per Conversion 80%

Bids for pay-per-click advertising can get competitive for some verticals.  Law Firms bidding in cities are among the most competitive.

First page bids for law firm related keywords in major cities often exceed $100 per click.   To lower cost per conversion, it’s important to have organic channels working.

For search, this means you need to have your Google Places Listing and organic SEO listing ranking on page one.  With those two rankings in place, you can still drive a lot of conversions without having to constantly bid to be in the top spot on paid results.

Here is how a divorce attorney from Oklahoma City executed this strategy with the help of Marketing 360®.


Getting to Page One on Google Places

When this firm came to Marketing 360®, they had an outdated Google Maps listing they couldn’t even log into.  Needless to say, it didn’t rank on current Google Places Listings.

We took the following steps to get them to page one in just a few months.

#1.  Build Out Business Listings

This firm had no organized, local directory listings.  These listings work as citations that Google uses to verify the business is real.

We used our Local Listing Ads® software to create over 200 local citations – in no time.  This software ensures that the business name, address, and phone number are accurately listed on all relevant directory websites.

#2.  Consistent Use of Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP)

Part of the citation process is to audit all listings and website content to make sure their NAP is consistent and updated.

Any inconsistency with NAP wipes-out the citation, making it difficult for Google to ensure where your business is.  Since this is part of Google Maps and serves up geo-targeted searches, this information must be consistent.

#3.  Correct Use of NAP on Website

Next, we went through and added contact information to the website footer, highlighted it on the contact page, and embedded their Google map on their contact page.

#4.  Optimize Places Description

We went through the business description on their Google+ account and updated it to reflect their main search keyword targets.  We added content on the business listing including hours, special hours, and photos from the business.

#5.  Reviews

The last step is one that is still ongoing.  We’re working on getting more reviews from happy clients to create more content and increase engagement/click through rates on the listing.

These steps to date have this firm ranking in the second spot for “divorce lawyers Oklahoma city”


Page One SEO Ranking

The next step was to move a page four ranking that was driving no traffic to page one with our Natural Listings Ads® (NLA) program.

First, we did a keyword audit and made sure they were targeting the highest volume keyword phrases while ensuring they closely matched their legal services.  Then we went through to optimize their page meta data, header tags, internal linking, and overall keyword use.

Next came a sustained content creation effort with weekly blogs.  The result was a steady increase in keyword rankings:

law firm seo

Then pay dirt.  Page one ranking for both Places and the website organic listing:

law firm page one serp

This result does an enormous amount to lower the firm’s cost per conversion:

law firm cost per conversion

The NLA channel has an average cost per conversion of $6.25, while TPA (the paid search channel) has an average CPC of $151.54.

The overall CPC of 29.59 is 80% lower than what this firm was paying when they only used paid search.

That’s a huge return on NLA work for this firm.

With consistent effort, they’ll stay on page one and even move up a few spots.  When your paid search bids are high, this is some of the strongest ROI you can get with your marketing work.