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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Dance School Converts with High Keyword Rankings

This dance school in the Bronx uses Natural Listing Ads® to get high search rankings and build their local brand presence.

We’d like to present to you a simple case study.  A dance school in the Bronx works with Marketing 360® to get high search rankings for their website.  This turns into conversions and new students.

Here are the steps our SEO team took to improve their rankings:

  1. Optimized their website content for target keywords and locations.
  2. Used Local Listing Ads® to optimize their location listings.
  3. Optimized their Google My Business listing.
  4. Started a blogging program to keep content fresh on their website.
  5. Coordinated with their social media marketing to drive more traffic to the website.

This resulted in them being on page one for their targeted local searches:

dance school keyword rankings

While this list shows searches with the location qualifier “Bronx”, their strong location optimization means they also rank for common “near me” searches and other searches that Google categorizes as local searches for dance classes.

This results in healthy conversion rates and – importantly – a lot of highly qualified leads.

dance school conversion data

The website has a gallery, videos, schedules, class descriptions, contact info, and an easy to fill out registration form.

And that’s the story.  People in the area can easily find the site and sign up for dance classes.  The more they get found and the more followers they get on social media, the better their local brand recognition.

In fact, at this point, the highest performing keyword for the dance school is the name of the school itself.

dance school brand keywords

When people are looking for you by name, they’re ready to sign-up.  This is a sign that the marketing is working across the board.