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Case Study: Chiropractor Use a Unique Value Proposition to Boost Conversions

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Content Marketing & SEO

The unique value proposition is a well-known concept in marketing.  We talk about it often at Marketing 360® because it’s so important to get right.

We see businesses get value propositions right – to varying degrees.  Sometimes it makes a clear case why the business is the best choice, other times it just manages to explain what they do.

The real winners, however, are businesses that transcend into the realm of the irresistible value proposition.  They make an offer so good that a prospect will feel stupid if they pass it up.

This chiropractic service has an irresistible value proposition, with conversion data to show how well it works.


Case Study:  Chiropractic Value Proposition Delivers Outstanding Conversion Rates

In chiropractic, it’s not always easy to differentiate yourself from other practices.  The procedures are similar, and the results you hope to achieve are essentially the same.

So to create a unique value propositon takes some creativity.

Take a look at what a Marketing 360® marketing executive and this chiropractor came up with:

chiropractic case study

Note a couple of things.

First, they state that they are the chiropractor medical doctors choose to treat their patients.  From the point of view of a value proposition, this statement is powerful.  It indicates trust from medical doctors.  It implies a superiority of service over other chiropractors.  These are two major factors in an effective value proposition.

Now, the initial offer of a free consultation is run-of-the-mill for chiropractors.  Everyone offers a free consultation.

But this practice goes a step further.  They’ll make it worth your time with 15 minutes of free massage.

Imagine your back is hurting.  You’re looking at chiropractors in the area, visiting one site after the next that seem more or less the same.

Then you see this offer.  Medical doctors trust these guys – that’s good to know.  You go in for a free consultation – but wait – you get a free massage for the effort.  Even if it turns out the treatment isn’t right for you, it won’t be a total loss.

And a massage is sounding really good.

Who are you going to choose?

This is an example of an irresistible value proposition.  You think to yourself, I’d be nuts to pass that up.  I’m going in! 

And it works.  Here is their search conversion data over the last two months:

chiropractic conversion data

A 17.21% conversion rate is stellar for chiropractic services.  These guys are booked solid.

Since optimizing their homepage content, they have seen:

  • A 35.71% increase in conversions
  • A 7.56% increase in conversion rates
  • A 15.85% drop in cost per conversion

The competition today is tough – in every type of business.  The majority of businesses today have reasonably professional website designs.  In verticals like chiropractic, the services and deliverables are similar.  How do you stand out?

Think about part of your service that’s truly unique.  Some way you go above and beyond.  Something so good, people will feel a tinge of discomfort at the idea of passing it up.

Every business needs a clear value proposition.  But when the offer is all but irresistible, your conversion rates are going to show it.