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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Catering Company Uses Specialization to Earn Organic Traffic

This Marketing 360® catering company offers a special type of cuisine to satisfy diners – and search engines.

The specialty service.  Also known as a niche.  It’s marketing dynamite.

We talk a lot about how important it is today to specialize rather than generalize.  It’s so much easier for people to find exactly what they want online that your best bet is to target people doing specific searches.

Imagine, for example, you want to cater an event.  This event is going to be outdoors, and you’d like grilled and BBQ food.

You discover:

  1. A caterer that has no BBQ or grilled items.
  2. A caterer that has no set menu – they create whatever menu you want.
  3. A caterer that has some grilled and BBQ items on their menu.
  4. A caterer that has a menu that specializes in BBQ and grilled foods.

Which do you think you’d choose?

Say that you have these needs and you search for “BBQ catering” in your area.  You find a site ranking on page one for that term.  You click on their website and see this content:

catering website bbq

In truth the questions above are rhetorical.  If you want an event catered with BBQ food, you’re going to choose the catering business that specializes in that type of food.

Why?  Because you realize that since that’s what they specialize in, they’re more likely to be good at it.  Choosing a catering service that “makes anything you want” is kind of a crap shoot.  Someone who has a few BBQ items on their menu…who knows?

If you want BBQ, you go to a BBQ restaurant.  Catering is no different.

And there is another advantage.  Take a look at their top ranking keywords for search:

catering case study keywords

Besides the business name itself, “BBQ catering” are the keywords that drive the most traffic for this site.  When it comes to catering, this business owns the BBQ niche in Vancouver.

This is vitally important since the majority of their conversions come from organic search:

catering conversion data

On the internet, generalists struggle.  Grab a niche, and you’ll grab market share.