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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Auto Repair Converts with Local Search and Phone Calls

When auto repair services come to us for marketing plans, they usually request that we “get the phone ringing”.  That’s just what we did for this San Diego area garage.

There isn’t much doubt about it.  A hot lead for an auto repair service is someone who calls in to ask questions, get estimates, and set an appointment.

Web form leads are good too, but those phone calls almost always result in scheduled work.

So the strategy is to draw in local traffic through organic and paid search, then have a prominent phone call to action.

Here’s the breakdown.


Landing Page Design

Simple, clear, and stylish are the fundamentals of a strong converting landing page.  Here’s this business’ page:

auto repair landing page

This has the name of the city where the garage is located, two calls to action for phone calls, and click that opens a form to schedule an appointment.

Of course this site is mobile responsive, so the call buttons are click to calls. Those make up more than half of all the conversions.

As visitors scroll down the page, there is more information on services, a map and visual tour of the shop, and information on specials and warranties.


Organic SEO Ranking

The Natural Listing Ads® team created content so there is no service this garage offers that they don’t rank for in their area.

Here are some of the top converting terms:

Each of these landing pages has the same phone call and form fill design elements.


Paid Search and Call Only Campaigns

When people do more general searches such as “brake repair” without a location modifier, we want to make sure this site ranks, which is where paid search campaigns are effective.

This campaign is where we see the phone call leads really come in.  The most successful ad, which results in 45% of paid search conversions, is this call only ad:

auto repair call only ad When this ad displays (on mobile only), the only option is click to call.

This ad also does well because of the enticing offer of $50 off for first-time customers.

This is a winning combination.  You get the high-quality call-in lead that can turn a first-time customer into a lifetime customer.

These campaigns have strong conversion rates, led by an outstanding 20.9% on TPA:

auto repair conversion data

There is nothing magic going on here.  Just best practices put into place with purpose and consistency.

We did it for this auto repair service, and we can do it for you.  Contact us today for a free demo of the Marketing 360® system.

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