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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Acupuncture Website is Informative and Persuasive

This Marketing 360® acupuncture marketing client gets excellent long-term value from a sharp website that educates potential patients and persuades them with powerful testimonials.

Acupuncture can be tricky when it comes to converting new leads.  The problem is that the potential patients who would benefit from the procedures are often skeptical and fearful of the process.

It’s the job of an acupuncture website to calm these fears, educate people on the benefits of procedures, and assure them that it works for others.

This website does an excellent job of achieving these goals.  Let’s break down how.

Here’s the initial content on the homepage.

acupuncture case study homepage

Two important things happen here.

The first that there is an easy to complete, low-risk offer to get new people started.  The free 10-minute consultation gives people a way to engage with the practice with no commitment.  During this time they can get their initial questions answered.

The second is that they provide content on the benefits of acupuncture as they relate to a variety of conditions.  Many people might not know about using acupuncture to help with things like oncology support or fertility issues.

This content helps them rank organically for searches in their area.  They are on page one for most acupuncture related searches in the Newport Beach area.

acupuncture marketing case study serp

Each “learn more” link goes to an informational page that provides details on these benefits.

The next important content element is how this site highlights testimonials.  When you look through their Facebook and Yelp profiles, you see they have all 5 stars.

On their testimonials page, they use video testimonials, which is a really effective tactic:

The one improvement this website could make with reviews would be to use Top Rated Local, which would centralize their reviews and make them easier to view.

This acupuncture business has worked with Marketing 360® for two years and seen strong ROI from their marketing.  The main benefit is that they get clients with high lifetime value.  Because of the results they deliver, many new patients become regulars, increasing the ROI from this effective marketing campaign.

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