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Marketing 360® Blog

Therapy Marketing Case Study: Go Sober™

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies

Go Sober™ is a Marketing 360® therapy marketing client that gets strong conversion results from their online marketing. Here’s a look at how.

Therapy services frequently struggle to market online. These are usually not the types of services where you can just do a direct-response ad and expect results. Also, targeting potential patients can be difficult because of policies like Facebook’s personal attributes policy, which doesn’t allow you to imply someone has a mental condition or medical problem.

But Go Sober™, which is a Colorado outpatient alcohol treatment service, has a couple of important tactics in place that help them do well with online lead generation.

First, let’s take a look at the keyword queries driving the most traffic (all data for the last 180 days):

Other than their brand name, it’s clear they have another type of search driving most of their traffic.

The seed term “can’t stop drinking” is driving the majority of their organic traffic. The landing page is an informational page that answers this question (Why Can’t I Stop Drinking?) while giving people an introduction to their treatment methods.

This is a powerful tactic for drawing in potential patients. It connects a burning question to their solution.

Second, we designed their website with strong calls to action throughout the layout. Phone numbers and contact forms can’t be missed:

They also feature an “alcohol assessment” that captures emails for that marketing channel:

Last, they’ve worked with our reputation management team to get more reviews on Top Rated Local. Quality reviews are a prime element of earning trust, which is vital for a service of this nature.

The results are strong conversion rates across all channels:

That’s a healthy flow of traffic and conversions for a site that offers therapy and treatment services.