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Marketing 360® Blog

The Case for Being Nimble: A COVID-19 Success Story

Post By Robyn Rivera | Case Studies

In times like these, being nimble pays off.

Life has taken an unprecedented turn in recent weeks. Here in the United States, we went from having a strong, thriving economy to a recession in what seems to have been a matter of days. And, although there are many differences between the recession we’re facing today and the ones we’ve faced in the past, there’s one very important thing that remains the same — the businesses that are nimble enough to meet the moment are the ones that will come out on top.

Earlier this week, I wrote about six businesses that have bucked the odds during previous recessions. Each one of the businesses I touched on had very different stories, but what separated them from their competition was the fact that, instead of pulling back and playing it safe, they leaned in, took a risk, and remained nimble. And, in the end, they all came out on top.

We’ve all had to adjust to new realities of life amid the coronavirus pandemic, and we’ve already seen success stories from businesses who have not only been willing to make the necessary changes, but have done so proactively. Here’s just one of those stories.

How one auto detailer has risen to the occasion.

Auto detailing is not something that’s overly in demand at the moment. After all, people are focused on the essentials right now, and having a sparking clean vehicle isn’t exactly one of them. Because of this, auto detailing shops across the country have temporarily closed their doors. However, there’s one auto detailer that has not only stayed in business, but has actually found a new source of success.

In fact, with the help of Marketing Executive, Casey Christensen, in the past 30 days, this auto detailer has seen:

  • An increase in its conversions by 82.35 percent.
  • An increase in its click-through-rate by 28.57 percent.
  • A drop in its cost-per-click by 54.84 percent.

How did they do it?

Rather than seeing car detailing as an aesthetic service, this auto detailer decided to start highlighting the other main reason to detail your car — to sanitize it!

The main ways coronavirus can be prevented are social distancing, hand washing, and — you got it — cleaning! With the virus living on a surface for up to a few days, cleaning is an essential part of staying healthy, which is why this innovative auto detailer started offering interior sanitization services for just $15.

In addition to this sanitization service, this auto detailer has also started offering express services, as well as pick-up and delivery, which has helped it to continue serving its customers while honoring social distancing restrictions.

Not only has this auto detailer’s remarkable ability to stay nimble helped it to keep its doors open and find success while its competition has struggled to tread water, it’s helped it to meet the changing needs of its community and customers.

Because so many people are at home now on social media, this auto detailer has also started seeing its social ads outperform its Google ads.

Bonus Case Study: How a supplement reseller’s ability to remain agile has paid off.

Being light on your feet can mean different things for different businesses. For some businesses, making adjustments for the coronavirus is more about changing up how they get the word out rather than changing up the services or products themselves. One company that has found success in this strategy is a supplement reseller.

As many, many people are looking to boost their immune systems right now, vitamin C, zinc, and elderberry supplements have flown off the shelves. This may seem like a great problem to have for a supplement reseller, but it ended up actually hurting this company.

Why? Because people would click on their paid ads for the immune-boosting supplements they were looking for and then click the back button as soon as they realized they were sold out. This means that the reseller was paying for clicks but not making sales. Even with this obstacle, in the end, it ended up boosting its ROI (return on investment) through the roof.

How did they do it?

Advertising for supplements that were sold out didn’t make sense and was hurting this reseller’s success, but with a shift in strategy, they were able to change the tides and get more out of less.

Instead of paying for ads for supplements that were no longer in stock, the reseller’s Marketing Executive, Derek Brenner, updated the verbiage on the site and shifted the focus to micro bidding (a shopping campaign in which the lowest possible bids are made) for its top-performing brand.

The micro bidding strategy is not one many small businesses use often because it doesn’t drive a lot of traffic, but for a site that’s already getting tons of traffic, like a supplement reseller during a pandemic, it has the potential to drive conversions at an incredibly low cost.

Let us help your business stay nimble.

Change is not something that comes naturally to many people — or many businesses, for that matter — but it’s a part of life that is unavoidable. Right now, a business’ ability to change and roll with the punches will be the difference between success and failure, but it’s OK to acknowledge that it’s easier said than done.

Sometimes, businesses are willing to do whatever it takes but don’t know what that means or how to leverage themselves for success. That’s where we come in. Whether the solution is finding innovative new ways to serve your customers, figuring out the best way to stay top of mind, or determining how to rebuild your marketing strategy to meet your changing needs, your team at Marketing 360® is here for you.