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Salon Marketing Case Study: The Beauty of the Landing Page

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The beauty of a landing page for a salon is high conversion rates.  Here’s what it looks like.

A strong landing page derives its beauty through functionality.  Its job is to convert prospective salon clients into appointments.  Let’s breakdown an effective landing page designed by Marketing 360®.

salon marketing case study landing page Note:

  1. Two calls to action, the phone number and short contact form.
  2. Special offer for 10% off the first appointment.
  3. Strong use of facial images with the hero shot (person enjoying a facial) on the left and a directional cue with person looking at the form call to action on the right.
  4. A clean, uncluttered design.

And it works.  This landing page converts at 13.51%, with the top ad converting at 16.88%.

Since designing this landing page, their TPA® (paid search channel) metrics have dramatically increased:

salon marketing tpa data
Compares last 180 days to the previous 180 days.
  • Conversions up 462.5%
  • Conversion rate up 303.28%
  • Cost per conversion down 74.75%

Those are beautiful gains indeed.


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