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Marketing 360® Blog

Roofer Marketing Case Study: Steady Brand and Lead Generation Growth with Marketing 360®

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies

Sorensen roofing is Marketing 360® client that has a stand-out KPI (key performance indicator). Here is their marketing data from their starting point in June 2017 into late 2018:

Nice growth, but the real KPI is the difference between the two periods of late summer in each year, which is a busy time for roofers.

This data tells a story of significant growth:

roofer data
  • Conversions up 577.78%, (732 compared to 108)
  • Cost per conversion down 63.45% ($61.13 compared to $167.24)

Those are vital numbers for a roofer. How did they make these big gains?

In Brands We Trust

The marketing executive for this company reports that the biggest traffic and lead generation driver is branding. In short, today far more people in Colorado know this company by name than a year ago. That means they look them up by name and convert.

The #1 reason for this gain is the work of the Social Targeting Ads® team.

In the same time periods as above, in 2018 they had 3544 clicks from Facebook. In the matching 2017 period, they had 248.

In fact, in the last 180 days STA® is the top traffic driving channel for this website:

It also accounts for 25% of the conversions.

The other KPI we see that indicates major gains in brand awareness is a big increase in organic searches for the business name itself.

In the last 180 days, 7 of the 10 top organic terms earning impressions are brand related:

These guys are also part of the Broncos Business Pick through Top Rated Local®, which carries a lot of credibility in the Colorado market:

broncos business pick

Add to this a polished, professional website design for their Colorado roofing company (click to view site) and you have a trustworthy impression to back up the brand name.

People who trust your brand pick up the phone and call you. Sorensen roofing knows it, and the numbers prove it.

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