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Marketing 360® Blog

Restaurant Marketing Case Study: Organic Ranking Drives Calls

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies

A New Jersey Thai food restaurant uses Marketing 360® to get high organic rankings. Here’s how it works.

Often, restaurants wonder why they should have our NLA® team write blogs for them. What’s the point?

Well, Google isn’t a restaurant customer. But it has an appetite. A huge one.

You see, Google consumes content. We literally speak of “feeding” the search engine.

That appetite for content is one way the search algorithm establishes the relevance of a website for targeted keyword searches. In some cases, just a fresh blog post a month helps with rankings.

That’s what we do for this Thai food restaurant. A client for nearly 3 years now, we do a monthly blog like this:

It’s helpful, well-written content, but that’s not really the point. The point is to use the right keywords so they get improved ranking on search.

Here’s their top organic keywords in the last 6 months:

If you’re in their part of the Garden State wanting to eat some Pad Thai, you’ll find their website on search.

This works to win them new diners, which results in more repeat diners, meaning more calls for reservations. Here’s their conversion data over the last 6 months:

When somebody searches for the type of food you serve when they’re in your area, you want to rank at the top of page one.

For a monthly cost less than a tab for one hungry 6-top, you can feed Google what it wants so you show up there.