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Pest Control Marketing Case Study: A Simple, Effective Marketing Campaign

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This Marketing 360® pest control marketing client gets results with a simple, straigtforward campaign that applies best practices.  Here’s the breakdown.

This is a boring case study.  There is nothing dramatic, surprising, or unique.   This case study, rather, is equivalent to a heath program where a person eats their veggies and walks two miles a day.

But it’s not without excitement.  Our clients, a Sacramento pest control service called Earthwise Pest Management, get very excited every time they see their lead generation results.

The predictable nature of this marketing campaign is also the reason it works so well.  We’re doing what we know is effective.  Here are the main features.


Clear Website Content

This website homepage epitomizes clarity that’s derived from simplicity.  Here’s what you get above the fold:

pest control marketing case study website design

  1. The pleasing, welcoming logo communicates the value of what they offer.
  2. Navigation is clear and intuitive.
  3. Contact info and free quote call to action are prominent and repeated above the fold.
  4. Main header orients visitors by clarify the location and service.  Well executed with a simple white font.
  5. Sub header offers enticing call to action.
  6. Secondary, image-based navigation identifies services offered.


Location and Value

This pest control service does an excellent job of communicating two vital pieces of information.

First, they’re clear about their service areas.  It’s in their main header, and repeated in their ads.  For example, this ad converts at 35.71%:

pest control marketing ppc ad

  1. They identify their main service area and services in the header.
  2. They detail the value offering of “environmentally friendly” in the sub header.

As you scroll down their homepage, they detail their process for environmentally friendly pest removal and list all the communities they service in the area:

pest control marketing case study locations

Again, this is simple, clear content, but it’s also what makes it so effective at converting visitors into leads.



Strong rankings and effective content lead to high conversion rates (last 90 days):

pest control marketing conversion data

The advice we give based on these results may sound about as exciting as an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but you should still listen.

Keep things clear and simple.  Make sure people understand what you do, where you do it, and why they should care.

It’s not complicated, which is why it works.

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