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Marketing 360® Blog

Painting Contractor Marketing Case Study: Horner Painting

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies

Horner Painting is a long-time Marketing 360® client that knows the value of top-of-mind advertising and having a cohesive brand strategy. Here’s their story.

Experienced painting contractors like Moses Horner get it. Painting services need multichannel marketing and consistent brand visibility.

He knows this because he knows his clients. He’s not running a restaurant or barbershop. Painters don’t see their clients once a month. They see them once a decade.

That means painting contractors need to maintain “top-of-mind” visibility with their marketing in a way that makes their brand memorable.

Moses values the work we do that helps his company achieve this goal, and he appreciates the relationship with his marketing executive:

The results for this company pretty much speak for themselves. Their all-time conversion flow shows steady growth:

Their overall conversion rate in the last 180 days is 29.30%, led by 54.36% from the paid Top Placement Ads® channel:

Those weekly meetings turn into action when you work with Marketing 360®. We improve your ads, update your designs, and use data to discover the best ways to market your business. Notice that Horner determined that outbound social targeting ads (in purple) weren’t meeting expectations, so we turned that channel off for them.

When a homeowner in Fort Collins, CO needs a painting contractor, they’re likely to go online and research their options. They’ll find Horner Painting.

They’ll check out Horner’s professional website along with a few others – but they probably won’t act yet. Life will get in the way and the house doesn’t have to be painted today.

But these homeowners haven’t heard the last of Horner Painting. For instance, on Facebook they’ll see this retargeting ad:

As they surf the net and move through the city, they’ll see ads and marketing for Horner Painting.

In time, they’ll get serious and check reviews – Horner Painting is a top-rated local painter. Trust is building in the prospect’s mind.

One day, the homeowner looks up and realizes the paint is literally peeling off his house. A letter from the home owner’s association is eminent. Time to call a contractor.

But this time the homeowner doesn’t just search for any painter. He knows Horner and he trusts them. He looks them up by name.

It works. 60% of their TPA conversions are for brand searches with a potent 84.29% conversion rate (last 180 days):

It’s how businesses stay in business for decades. We’re delighted to be on this journey with this successful local business.