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Painter Marketing Case Study: Organic Channels Convert at 35.86%

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This painting contractor uses the Marketing 360® Natural Listing Ads® organic search channel to get stellar conversion rates while dramatically lowering their cost per conversion.

Organic search results through search engine optimization (SEO) are a dream for a local business like a painting contractor.  When you get organic ranking in the service areas you’re targeting, you get leads at the lowest possible cost per acquisition.

A painting contractor that targets the city of Boulder and surrounding areas turned to Marketing 360® to drive results through this lucrative channel.   The payoff has been major.


SEO Rankings

When this painting service came to us for marketing, they were on page one of search for nothing.  No painting searches, no location searches, nada.

Our NLA® team started optimizing for their prime location of Boulder as well as creating content for other areas of Northern Colorado.  In Boulder, they now dominate:

painter marketing case study keyword data

This resulted in massive gains on the organic channel in the last 6 months (period 1) compared to the previous 6 months (period 2):

painter marketing case study nla data

  • 3382.13% increase in impressions
  • 1692.86% increase in organic clicks
  • 2150% increase in conversions
  • 94.77% decrease in cost per conversion

They went from 16 conversions to 360 while the cost per conversion went from $211.45 to $11.04.  That’s the difference between night and day.

Organic search went from being a futile marketing channel to it being their best.  Along with brand name search and direct website traffic (which increases as more people learn about them initially), their conversion results are superb:

painter marketing case study conversion results It takes time and effort to realize these kinds of organic results, but as this business knows, the wait is worth it.

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