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Marketing 360® Blog

Local Business Case Study: Clear Offer Creates Conversions

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies

A paper shredding service located in Florida gets leads with one of the most effective tactics available. Here’s how they do it.

Sometimes businesses get caught up in the belief that online lead generation is both indirect and complicated. They see themselves jumping through hoops to create content that only ostensibly makes a persuasive case for their services.

But this is a misconception. If you have a service people need and you make an offer that (at its best) is all but irresistible, you’ll get leads. Just get your offer in front of the right people and you’re rolling.

For example, this Marketing 360® client which offers document shredding services runs this ad:

The ad goes to a landing page with an excellent call to action and lead gen elements, designed on our UXI® platform:

The page includes a video and of course repeats this important content:

It’s that simple. Here’s the recent conversion data for this ad:

It leads the way on an overall 20.50% conversion rate on the paid ads channel.

So what’s going here? Well, they have:

  • A professional design that imbues visitors with a sense of trust.
  • Easy to find and complete calls to action, including click to call on mobile.
  • A link to customer reviews on Top Rated Local and a testimonials page.
  • A short video that gives an overview of their service with a strong call to action.
  • An enticing free introductory offer.

They do an excellent job of creating trust and making sure people take the first step.

Then – very importantly – they give visitors a really good reason to act. The 30-day free trial all but eliminates the sense of risk.

We often talk about creating a unique value proposition, but often (and in particular in competitive markets) you need an irresistible value proposition.

Make that type of offer along with the right targeting and a well-designed landing page, and you’ll find online lead generation comes much easier.

Client reference M10214.