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Law Firm Marketing Case Study: Low Friction Results in High Conversion Rates

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A Northern Colorado-based law firm that’s worked with Marketing 360® discovered that website design that makes it easy for visitors to convert (especially call) results in excellent conversion rates.

To make the point for this case study, we’d like to actually look at two law firm website contact pages.

The first is for a law firm with a very respectable, professional design that does a lot of things right.  However, in the last year, their conversion rate is only 2.38%.  Not exactly red hot.

(note, firm names/phone numbers omitted for privacy reasons)

This is the contact page for their website:

law firm marketing case study contact page friction

When you scroll down, you finally see their phone number (in small font) and short contact form.

Now let’s look at another firm’s contact page.  This website’s conversion rate over the last year is 17.68%.

law firm case study contact page

Above the fold on this contact page you not only have a short form, but the phone number repeated 3 times.  This same situation plays out on the homepage and other pages as well.

On the first site, it’s difficult to find the phone number.  It’s in small print on the contact page and then in the website footer.  On the mobile version of the site, there is no click to call button.

On the second site, the phone number is in the header so it’s visible on every page of the site.  On mobile, it’s a click to call button.

The site with the high conversion rates makes it so easy to call them that it becomes a constant call to action.  Even notice the hero shot on the contact page of the people on the phone, getting their legal questions answered.

What the second site does a much better job of is lowering friction.  In website design parlance, friction indicates how difficult the website makes it for visitors to carry out an action.  Long website forms, inability to find contact info, confusing service explanations, poor navigation or layout, and a general lack of clarity create friction on a website.

It’s fairly odd to go to the contact page of business website and be confronted by a block of text instead of their contact info including phone numbers, address, list of service areas, and contact form.  This is hurting their conversion rates.

The second site encourages phone calls because they know that’s the best way to engage with potential clients.  All someone has to do is click a button on their phone and they’re talking to the firm.  That’s as low friction as a call to action gets.

Here are their conversion rates over the last year.  If you want to see similar numbers, consider the friction your website design is creating.  The easier you make it to convert, the more conversions you’ll get.

law firm marketing case study conversion data


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