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Marketing 360® Blog

Law Firm Marketing Case Study: Better Use Call Only

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies

Several Marketing 360® law firm clients discovered that call-only campaigns are the most effective. Here’s the rundown.

Some lawyers just get it:

Saul Goodman is, of course, the fictional lawyer in the show called Better Call Saul. The story shows how Saul degenerates into a miscreant, but they also dramatize how he’s particularly skilled at advertising his services. Even his name – which he makes up – is a branding shtick (Saul…It’s all…good man!).

Better Call…in that title is an element of truth.

When someone in the general public finds themselves in a situation where they need to talk to a lawyer, they – literally – want to talk to a lawyer. Law firms get a lot of phone call conversions.

At Marketing 360® we work with several law firm clients that get the best results from their paid ads with call-only campaigns.

For the first firm, over the last 180 days, 74% of their paid ad conversions (144 out of 195) were call-only. The top ad converted at 49.28%:

law firm case study data

The second firm started their campaigns three months ago. 79% (42 of 53) of conversions are call only. The top ad converts at 63.89%.

law firm case study data

Those are strong conversion numbers targeting qualified leads, but there is another reason these firms love these campaigns.

Paid search ads for law firms (as you may know) can be really expensive. It’s not uncommon to see bidding well over $100 a click in competitive areas.

That’s a lot of money just to get someone to click through to a website – where they may not act.

The big advantage with call-only is that you only pay for a conversion when the lead actually calls your office. That’s a positive action that results in new clients.

These examples show that as a law firm, you better get calls.

Then it’s all good, man.

Client references M26262 and M23888.