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Jewelry Store Chain Makes Major SEO Gains

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The work of the Marketing 360® Natural Listing Ads® team resulted in big SEO gains for the Riddle’s Jewelry chain.

SEO is, by its nature, a long-term marketing tactic.  It can literally take years for the payoff to happen as your content climbs in rankings and the overall number of impressions you earn casts a wider net.

But when you stick with it, you’ll hit paydirt, which is what just happened for Riddle’s Jewelry.

Marketing 360® has worked for 2 years on their SEO, steadily making gains in the number of keywords that are ranking.  But with an extra effort put into product optimization and monster pages, a few months ago the data really jumped:

jewelry store marketing case study keywords These efforts resulted in major gains in the conversion metrics, here comparing the last 60 days (period 1) to the previous 60 days (period 2):

monthly data report


  • 205.89% increase in impressions
  • 295.54% increase in keywords gaining organic impression
  • 72.85% increase in organic clicks
  • 176.12% increase in conversions

In the last 30 days, organic traffic (free clicks) accounted for $79,740 in the equivalent of paid search.  That’s ROI multiple times over compared to their entire two-year investment in this channel – in just one month.

That’s the kind of ROI that makes the wait well worth it.

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