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Janitorial Service Case Study: Cleaning Service Sees Ongoing Improvement and Marketing ROI

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One thing most businesses want to see is an ongoing improvement in their marketing results, which is even better when there is an ongoing decrease in costs.  Here’s an example of this data from a Marketing 360® janitorial service client.

Marketing ROI on lead generation campaigns usually comes from a combination of a few things, which are:

  • An increase in conversion rates that results in high quality lead generation for the business.
  • A decrease in the overall cost per conversion, meaning the cost to acquire each new lead is lower.

Here is data for a janitorial/cleaning service that has worked with Marketing 360® since 2016.  Period 1 is the last 12 months, period 2 is the previous 12 months:

janitorial case study conversion data
Click to enlarge.


  • Conversions are up 135.82%
  • Cost per conversion is down 54.84%
  • Conversion rate is up 84.32%

This data is reflective of ROI campaigns driven by Marketing 360®.  The work includes:

  1. Redesigning their website so it focuses on converting visitors into leads.  The redesign also made their site mobile responsive.
  2. Optimizing their content so they’re on page one for prime organic terms.
  3. Setting them up on Local Service Ads to take advantage of that platform.
  4. Optimizing paid ads by funneling budget to ads that perform and discontinuing ads that do not.
  5. Getting more customer reviews on Google, Facebook, and Top Rated Local.
  6. Setting up call tracking so ad and website calls are counted as conversions.

This is what we call “doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t”, which is also known as campaign optimization.

Our clients hire us because they don’t have the time or expertise to execute their digital marketing consistently.  But they don’t stay with us for years just because we save them time.

They stay with us when they see data like this.  And why not?  Their marketing is paying for itself, as an sound investment should.

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