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Marketing 360® Blog

Fuel Your Brand®: St. Jude Shop

Post By Shelly Moore | Case Studies

St. Jude Shop is an eCommerce site that’s experienced strong revenue growth with Marketing 360®. Here’s how we fuel their brand.

Here is an equation every business likes:

increased revenue + lower advertising costs = more profit

It’s kind of a universal goal. Marketing and advertising that’s optimized, efficient and effective. Steady revenue growth that indicates you’re connecting with a high percentage of your viable target audience.

Maximum profits in your market space.

We may not have hit maximum profits for the St. Jude Shop, which sells religious articles and Catholic Church supplies, but they certainly have grown. When they started with us in June of 2013, their annual online revenue was $4700. As of this writing in November 2019, they’ve hit a million in online sales – for the second year in a row. This million mark comes 5 weeks earlier than it did last year.

Here’s a comparison of numbers of this year and the previous year, same time period:

ecommerce case study data
  • Conversions are up 11.32%
  • Cost per conversion is down 14.55%
  • Ad spend is down 5.02%
  • Revenue is up 28.39%
  • Estimated ROI is up 46.9%

The biggest tactical factor in this is lowering costs on the paid advertising channel; cost per conversion dropped by 11.54%. This happens when you have a marketing executive optimizing your campaigns over time. More effective, targeted ads are more economical.

This is a huge factor because 71.2% of their sales come through paid channels; mainly Google Shopping.

ecommerce case study conversion data

There is also growth in their brand channel through direct traffic and brand searches, which is a sign that they’re getting broad reach through brand marketing.

Their brand channel conversions are up 38.47%. For brand organic searches (searches directly for “st jude shop”) comparing last year to this year:

  • Impressions are up 139.76%
  • Clicks are up 163.84%

Brand organic searches are an important long-term KPI. When people search directly for your business, it shows your marketing has reached them and they care about what you offer.

This is also a huge win for SEO because it is, of course, far easier to rank at the top for your brand name than for a generic product search.

We always encourage people to look at the big picture with marketing because it can take years for the strongest ROI to become apparent.

This Fuel Your Brand® story shows precisely what we mean.