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Marketing 360® Blog

Fuel Your Brand®: Metro Screenworks

Post By Brian Barns | Case Studies

Metro Screenworks is a long-time Marketing 360® client who epitomizes what it takes to win with multichannel marketing. Here’s how we fuel their brand.

In three years with Marketing 360®, Metro Screenworks has more than tripled their annual revenue. It hasn’t always been easy. A long website project. A learning curve with paid ads and how they work with seasonal eCommerce. The always long process of developing organic results.

But as the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Today, all the hard work is paying off with multichannel campaigns that really click. Here’s the breakdown.

Content Marketing (NLA®)

Metro Screenworks is a perfect case study in what happens when you win with organic ranking. Here are their top keywords over the last year:

metro top seo keywords

Organic product searches are their biggest conversion channel, driving over half their conversions:

metro screen conversions

The work of our NLA® team gets credit for these results. Comparing the last year to the previous, we see these results:

  • 143% increase in organic impressions
  • 59.81% increase in keywords earning organic impressions
  • 117.97% increase in conversions
  • 93.75% increase in conversion rate
  • ROI up 20.55%

These are the kinds of gains you make with organic results when stick with it for years. This is the tactic where patience pays-off.

Paid Search (TPA®)

Paid search is a vital channel for Metro Screenworks. The big challenge for them has been to maintain their paid search through seasonal sales cycles.

The problem we had to overcome was one of instinct. During slow winter months, it seemed to make sense to pause ads.

But our marketing executive had an insight. Looking at data, he realized the buying cycle for these products was longer than assumed. In fact, while paid traffic wasn’t delivering immediate return on ad spend (ROAS), it became clear that shoppers were finding products they wanted, then purchasing during the prime buying season.

TPA ads are targeted and product-specific, which is what makes them so effective. When we look at their lifetime data it’s easy to see the times they dropped spend on their paid ads:

One reason their results are so much better this year is that they’ve been consistent with their paid advertising. They run effective promotions and use retargeting to maximize their results.

Doing It All

Metro Screenworks is a perfect example of what is gained by using the breadth of online marketing tactics with time allotted for the strategy to come to fruition.

Today, with reputation management, email marketing, and social media ads in place, this business really covers its bases. They’ve expanded their social presence this year, picking up an impressive 533 conversions from that channel.

Tripling revenue in a few years when you’re a high volume eCommerce site like Metro Screenworks takes patience, strategy, and execution excellence. The results are long-term, sustainable growth.