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Marketing 360® Blog

Fuel Your Brand®: Liftech

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies

Liftech is a long-term Marketing 360® client who knows the benefits of marketing hustle. Here’s their story.

The owners of Lifttech, a Colorado concrete and foundation repair company, came to us nearly 4 years ago with a story we’d heard before.

In short, they’d been burned by previous marketing services they’d worked with:

“We’d worked with several different comapines and heard the same pitch. We’ll do all these things for you…then they’d disappear. They charged our account every month and nothing is getting done.

But then they hooked with Marketing 360®. We made promises too, and they said sure, do your thing, not sure what to expect. Then:

And he did it. From the start, it was phone calls and emails. It was like…this guy, he’s calling us. He’d trying to plug this in, he’s trying to make this change, he’s trying to implement that. He’s making suggestions, he’s doing market analysis. He’s always staying ahead of the curve.

Liftech went from being burned to getting a 6-7 times return on their marketing investment. Don’t take it from us, take it from them:

Awesome communication, strong planning, and execution excellence transformed this business’ experience with marketing and fueled incredible growth for their brand.

Here’s a period comparison of the last year to the previous year over the same time span:

liftech marketing data
  • 75.39% increase in conversions
  • 53.35% increase in website conversion rates
  • 35.75% decrease in cost per conversion

They made these gains while spending 12.71% less on their overall marketing.

This growth epitomizes what we mean by Fuel Your Brand®. That’s what happens when you work with a marketing team that’s proactive, diligent, and as passionate about your success as you are.