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Marketing 360® Blog

Flooring Contractor Marketing Case Study – The Power of Simplicity and Trust

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies

A Marketing 360® flooring contractor client shows us how building trust and making it simple to contact them leads to strong conversion rates.

If there are two things that are really effective when it comes to lead-generation website content, it’s building trust then making it super easy for a visitor to act. It’s a serious 1-2 punch.

The first thing you want to do is get the visitor to trust you. Take a look at this homepage content:

They hit you right away with what we call trust badges. These are the award and review badges you see from Top Rated Local, BBB, and Angie’s List.

Right away, these create an impression. These guys know their stuff. Their customers love their work. They’re experienced.

Second, they have a simple, seamless contact experience.

It starts with phone calls. They have both their actual phone number and a click to call button in the header (meaning the phone number is always visible on any page). The click to call is always present on mobile devices.

Second, they have a short contact form with a value-focused call to action:

You want a lead to be able to fill out this type of form in just a matter of seconds so you can capture their contact info. This is perfect.

These elements come together to generate strong conversion results:

First, use your website content to create a professional impression that engenders trust, including trust badges and customer reviews. Then, make contacting you simple, logical, and enticing.

The results, as this business shows, are strong conversion rates from qualified leads.

Client reference M11250.

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