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Marketing 360® Blog

Facebook Ads for Childcare – A Marketing 360® Case Study

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Facebook Ads

This childcare service increased conversions by running Social Targeting Ads® (STA) on the Facebook Ads platform.

Many people running childcare services ask us directly: Do Facebook Ads actually help you get leads from prospective families?

The answer, when the ad campaigns are run effectively, is yes. Here is the conversion graph from one of our child care marketing clients. The purple area is STA traffic coming from Facebook Ads:

The white line is the actual website conversions. Not hard to see how Facebook Ads traffic is contributing to their conversion numbers.

Since they began running STA, their conversions have dramatically increased:

The jump in conversions here is really significant because they had a particularly good reason to run more STA ads, which was that they were opening in a new location. Here’s the ad they ran:

But they also get strong traffic and leads directly from Facebook with other ads, and do particularly well with video ads:

This entire video is narrated by parents giving testimonials about how much they love this child care service. It’s an effective ad that, as you can see, gets a lot of reactions and shares.

The targeting for these campaigns is fairly broad. They target within 25 miles of school location, all people ages 25-65, then focus on parents and child care interests:

While they target all people, the overwhelming majority of their reach happens with women, so they know they need to create ads that resonate with moms.

Anything having to do with families and kids has an excellent chance of getting noticed on Facebook because it appeals to a demographic that’s really active on the platform.

As this child care business demonstrates, that attention can lead to significant brand exposure and business growth.