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Ecommerce Marketing Case Study: SEO Dominance Pays-Off

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A Marketing 360® eCommerce client that sells vent covers gets huge returns from our Natural Listing Ads® SEO program.  Here’s the breakdown.

When you sell a specialized product (something you wouldn’t find at Walmart), organic search results on page one of Google are like magic.  You connect fast with shoppers who are looking for exactly what you offer.

If you have wide variety of products, you can cast a large net with search marketing.  This results in those pages ranking better, as well as higher ranking for your main keyword terms.

The NLA® strategy for this client is to optimize the main pages for prime keyword terms, and continue optimization on product pages to grow their SEO net.

It’s been an effective strategy.  They dominate page one rankings for their brand and main product line terms:

ecommerce seo keywords

The increase in rankings translates into more traffic and conversions; this compares the last 6 months (period 1) to the previous 6 months (period 2):

ecommerce case study nla data


  • A 17.52% increase in keywords earning organic impressions
  • A 24.82% increase in organic clicks
  • A 41.88% increase in conversions

This is really the channel for them to grow, because their average cost per conversion over the past year has been $0.16.  Their average daily cost is $2.10.  You can’t get a shot of espresso for that little.

By comparison, their average cost per conversion with paid ads is $76.74.  They only target higher ticket sales with this channel so they still get ROI, but it illustrates how valuable the organic channel can be with this type of eCommerce website.

52.9% of their conversions come through organic SEO, and 24.6% come through brand/direct traffic.  With these low cost marketing channels, their overall ROI is excellent.  With the efforts of our NLA® team, it just keeps getting better.

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