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Ecommerce Case Study: The Power of 3-D Visuals

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In today’s visually-driven digital world, the best way to sell online is to give shoppers a way to view a product that’s so good, it’s almost like they’re holding it in their hands.

Every year, the technology that allows people to shop online improves.  The virtual shopping experience is coming ever closer to holding a product in your hand.

We’ve seen this with augmented reality, which actually accomplishes something you can’t do in a store by letting you see a product in a room or on your person.  Now we have encouraging results using 3-D product visuals.  This case study shows how using these images in Facebook posts had an immediate impact on sales.


3-D Facebook Posts

This campaign targeted interests, jobs, location and age demographics on Facebook.  Basically, it targeted young baseball players in the USA, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, as well as people who work as baseball coaches.

Here’s the post they see:

3d image facebook post

Somewhat compelling, but it gets better.  Click on play and the view improves:

3d product gif

Hitting play and getting this 3-D view of the product does more than you might expect.  It created a short burst in store sessions and sales that was the best of the year for the business.

During the time this ad ran, online store session jumped 486%:

In a 30-day comparison store sessions jumped 164% and sales jumped 111%:

3d case study sales data

Social media engagement on these posts far exceeded anything else they’d done.

The moral of the case study?  People like pretty pictures of things they’re going to buy, particularly when they’re 3-D.

And this is just the start.  Check out this interactive 3-D image of the gloves:

The next big thing?  Augmented reality that lets you try them on.  We don’t have that yet – but give it another year or two.

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