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Marketing 360® Blog

E-Commerce Marketing Case Study – Seasonal Sales Cycles

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies

This Marketing 360® eCommerce client does great at Christmas – but they keep their marketing active all year long. Here’s how it pays off.

A look at this company’s conversion data over the last couple of years tells a pretty clear story:

The spikes in traffic/conversions are the holiday seasons. A look at their top organic terms also shows where their bread and butter is:

So here’s a point we’d like to make.

You might assume that with all this Christmas business happening, that they’d decrease their marketing the rest of the year. Why invest in marketing during your offseason?

But you’d be wrong. For one, they don’t exclusively sell Christmas items, so they have to advertise for other products throughout the year.

But moreover, our NLA® team continues their SEO work on these valuable Christmas keywords all year long.

That’s right. We blog about Swedish Christmas decorations in July.

The point is that you may have high seasons for your sales. But your marketing needs to be consistent year around.

Now they do, of course, up their advertising spend during the holidays. But tactics like SEO and creating brand awareness require consistency.

If, for example, we were to stop all content creation on their prime Christmas keywords, they could slip in ranking – just when they need to be ranking most. Consistent work by the NLA® team keeps their rankings high all year.

Also note the purple area in the above graph, which is Social Targeting Ads®.

They started to run brand and retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Google in February with ads like this:

This increased exposure drove sales in the offseason, but it also grew their audience base so the 2018 holiday season was significantly better than 2017. Here’s the comparison:


  • A 53.2% increase in conversions.
  • A 49.3% decrease in cost per conversion
  • A 17.21% increase in conversion rate
  • A 27.04% increase in website visits

Organic conversions increased by 69.3%, and brand conversions increased by 95.44%.

This jump didn’t just happen. It happened because Marketing 360® kept working on their SEO keyword targets and social brand advertising throughout the year.

Marketing doesn’t take a vacation. This store gets it. Consistent work all year makes for a very merry Christmas.