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Dental Marketing Case Study: Reviews and Emails Drive Conversions

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An established dental practice in the Ottawa area came to Marketing 360® wanting to leverage their growing brand name into more conversions.  Email marketing and reputation management services did the trick.  Here are the results.

It’s a very satisfying thing when a business starts to build a brand name regionally and expand with new locations.  That’s what was happening with a dental practice that got its start in Ottawa and was opening offices in other cities in the region.

This is also a time to strike with marketing.  This business, despite having been around for over a decade, had little to show for online reviews.  They also discovered they were losing a few clients to a new competitor, so they wanted to start making more regular contact with current patients to keep them in the fold.

Our tactics started with reputation management.  This business had many happy patients, but as is often the case, they didn’t have reviews to show for it.  We got proactive and started sending these emails to patients:

dental marketing case study review email

When they click “Great”, it goes to a review platform.  If not, then it opens a feedback form.  Fortunately, virtually everyone thinks they’re great.  With this tactic, they went from just a couple of online reviews to 144, with a Rating Score™ of 92.48.

dental trl page

They also got active with sending regular emails to existing patients, mainly with the goal of keeping their brand name in front of people and reminding them to schedule dental appointments.

dental marketing case study email


The Results

This work resulted in huge conversion gains for this dental practice (click to enlarge):

dental marketing case study conversion data

Over the last 180 days (period 1) compared to the previous 180 days (period 2):

  • Conversions are up 446.94%
  • Conversion rate is up 79.49%
  • Cost per conversion is down 61%
  • Website visits are up 205.73%

Their Natural Listing Ads® organic channel is their strongest, getting 43.7% of their conversions.  The majority of organic traffic is being driven by brand name searches:

dental marketing case study seo keywords

As their reputation grows, so do their results.  As they use tactics to stay in touch with existing patients and encourage them to schedule appointments, their client retention increases.

These are powerful tactics that helped this dental practice grow their conversions by nearly 450% in six months.

That’s something to smile about!

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