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Contractor Marketing Case Study: Social Targeting Ads® Lead to Conversions

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A window and roofing contractor marketing client is getting not only brand awareness – but direct conversions – from Social Targeting Ads®.  Here’s how we do it.

Often, contractors scoff at the idea of marketing on Facebook.  How’s that gonna generate leads?  they ask.  That’s where my wife shares pictures of the kids!

That’s true.  Facebook is a social media platform.  But in the midst of all that socializing is also a vast target audience.  In fact, there are few places where they’re more concentrated than Facebook.

The trick is targeting that audience with the right content so you generate leads.  It can be done.  Here’s the proof.


The Slow Time of Year

Late fall and early winter are slower times for window contractors.  So the marketing executive had some budget to work with, and decided to run Social Targeting Ads® using one-shot videos (a 10-second product video) within the ad:

contractor social targeting ad

We ran these and a few other similar ads to two target audiences on Facebook.

The first was a lookalike audience built off their current client list.  We also included interests in gutters, home improvement, and renovation.

The second list was just interest based, focusing on sun-rooms, vinyl siding, and windows.  Both campaigns targeted people age 30-65 in a 50-mile radius from the business location.  Here’s the second campaign breakdown, with an estimated audience size of 310,000 people:

sta facebook ads


The Results

A look at this graph shows the results clearly:

contractor social targeting ads

The purple line is the social targeting ads.  In late August, the campaigns began.  The black dots at the top show conversions, which also rose substantially with this campaign.

In fact, in the last 90 days, STA® has become their second highest lead generation channel:

window contractor marketing case study conversion data

The last important point to understand is that we did all this with no change in their budget.  We just pushed a small portion of their paid search ads budget to this channel.

It’s driving high quality leads and at less than half the cost per conversion of their regular paid ads.

Guess Facebook isn’t just for showing off pictures of the kids.

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