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Marketing 360® Blog

Chiropractic Marketing Case Study: Location Finds Conversions

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies

A local chiropractic gets conversions in the most direct way possible. This simple tactic is beautifully effective.

Sometimes an advertising tactic is so obvious it gets overlooked. One such tactic is being clear about your location in your ads and landing page.

A chiropractic marketing client of Marketing 360® uses this tactic – and it works. Here’s the sequence.

They start out by targeting the most commonly used keyword query (data last 180 days):

Just that simple. People are looking for a chiropractor in Fargo. Using broad match modified, anytime people use those words in the query this ad shows.

This is the top-performing ad, which remains clear about where they are and what they do:

They’re converting at over 40% with this content. It takes people to this landing page, which is once again, is clear about where they are and what they do:

They do a nice job of provoking interest and using hero shots:

Too often, businesses get fancy with their keywords, ads, and landing page content and miss the obvious.

Do people know what you do? Are they clear that your location works for them? Do you give them a compelling reason to act?

Do those things, like this chiropractic business does, and you’ll see your conversion rates skyrocket.

Client reference M25363.