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Chiropractic Marketing Case Study: Call Conversions Drive Results

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This Marketing 360® chiropractic client has an enviable marketing campaign.  Clients find them on organic search and call to set appointments.  Boom!

If there is any combination of marketing tactics that business owners really love, it’s great organic SEO traffic (which means no pay per click) and phone call conversions.

The reason is that this combination really hits the ROI mark.  Organic traffic, once it starts flowing, is a low-cost lead generation channel.  And phone calls are the hottest type of lead.

This combination is delivering a stellar 37.22% conversion rate for this office in the past 6 months, with Natural Listing Ads® killing it at 54.98%.

chiropractic marketing case study marketing data

At this point, you might pause.  These conversion rates seem really high.  How does this happen?

Well, take a look at their mobile landing page, which is where they get the majority of their conversions:

chiropractic marketing case study mobile website

There is a “Request an Appointment” call to action, but the majority of their conversions are phone calls.  Most people find this site on their phone and call in.  That low friction is one of the reasons this website converts so well.

This also happens, of course, because they rank on page one for their prime keywords:

chiropractic case study seo keywords

They’ve also gotten strong traffic from Social Targeting Ads® running boosted posts like this on Facebook:

This adds to their call total, and they get really high conversion rates because the conversion is a website visit.

Elegant execution by the Marketing 360® team using the most effective (both cost and result) tactics.

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