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Marketing 360® Blog

Childcare Marketing Success Story from Marketing 360®

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies

We usually show data points about traffic growth, conversion rates and ROI in our marketing case studies. Numbers, of course, tell the story with marketing.

But in this case, we’d mainly like to highlight the authentic comments from the owner of Creative Critters, Kathy Gray.

You see, their marketing results took off with such thunder, Kathy emailed us, all but astonished at how robust the marketing campaigns were.

“I just wanted to touch base with you and let you guys know you are amazing!! We are enrolling like crazy!! I’m not lying!! We are inundated!! Please let everyone know you guys are AMAZING!! Thank you soooo much!!”

This is verbatim. Kathy used that many exclamation points. Here’s the review she gave us on Top Rated Local:

As part of the overall strategy, we suggested further work in her organic rankings with an optimization campaign. Kathy replied:

“I have thought about the optimization, and honestly we are doing so well I’m not sure we can really get much more from what we are already doing. We are getting tons of calls a week! We’re filling every available spot we can! It is now actually to the point that we’re working Saturdays doing tours for prospective customers. I still need to get the templates ready for the CRM as we are not utilizing it because we’ve been so busy enrolling.

It’s just amazing. You guys have done an amazing job, more than I could have imagined. I guess I’m a bit overwhelmed in a good way!”

We want Creative Critters to stay on top of its long-term optimization, but we’ll take this excuse for now.

After all, this is what their conversion growth has done since the beginning of the year:

That’s the Mt. Everest of conversion charts – no wonder Kathy is overwhelmed.

Most marketing campaigns don’t skyrocket like this, and of course the fact that she’s opening new locations sped the growth.

But it does show that a digital marketing campaign can be dialed-in and drive huge results in just a matter of months.

We’d like to do the same for you – just hold on. It’s an exciting ride!