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Marketing 360® Blog

Child Care Marketing Case Study: The Power of Landing Pages

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies

Want to get high conversion rates on your pay per click advertising campaigns?  Then do what this Marketing 360® child care marketing client does.  Use landing pages.

Landing pages deliver.  They deliver the exact content searchers expect to see when they click an ad.  And they deliver strong conversion rates for businesses.

A landing page matches the message of the ad.  It’s designed to provide a seamless experience so searches are immediately oriented.

Say you’re searching for child care services in Tempe, AZ.  You do a search and see this ad:

child care marketing tpa ad

and it goes to this landing page:

child care marketing landing page

At the top, visitors know right away they’ve found the right service in the right place.  They can make a call or schedule a tour right away.

Or they’ll scroll down and enjoy further edifying content that includes an introductory note from the director, rates, and customer reviews (including video testimonials).

child care marketing case study landing page

There is nothing fancy about this design, but it really hits the mark in terms of functionality.  It:

  • Orients visitors with vital contact info
  • Offers a personal message from the school director
  • Is transparent about pricing
  • Builds trust with credible, detailed reviews

What happens?  People who visit this page convert.  In the last 90 days, this ad/landing page converted at 43.48%:

child care ad data

They have similar landing pages for each of their locations.  The paid search channel dominates for them, resulting in 80.7% of their conversions with an overall 28.71% conversion rate:

child care marketing case study conversion data Many businesses make the mistake of using their homepage, with general branding and info, as their only landing page.  This never converts as well if you need to match the ad with specific messaging for an offer or location.

It takes more effort to build out landing pages (effort Marketing 360® makes on behalf of this business), but the payoff is worth it.