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Marketing 360® Blog

CBD Business Website Design – A Case Study from Marketing 360®

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies

Marketing 360® designed the website for Cornerstone Botanicals, and its effectiveness as an eCommerce platform shows what the right design can do.

Trust. It’s the one element a website can’t be without. If visitors don’t feel trust, you won’t get the sale.

So how do you engender trust when you’re marketing CBD products? What gets people to feel confident in your brand?

For Cornerstone Botanicals, it involves doing three things really well.

First, they hit visitors with the USDA organic trust badge:

The hemp they use is all organically grown, so they can use the USDA Organic badge. Just the sight of it instills legitimacy.

Second, they’re smart about adding reviews and testimonials. They use Top Rated Local, so they emerge as a top rated CBD eCommerce site. Then they have a testimonials page on their website, included in the main navigation.

If there is anything today’s consumers trust, it’s other consumers. One of the smartest moves you can make is to use design to highlight reviews and be up-front about your excellent reputation.

Third, this business is down to Earth. Instead of creating some kind of new-age, mystic feel with their design, they highlight that they’re a family run business:

As CBD products become mainstream, this down to Earth approach is the right move. Though these are cannabis products, there is little connection between the audiences targeted for CBD and those targeted for products like recreational marijuana.

In fact, this site also has excellent informational pages on CBD for athletes, seniors, and pets.

This optimal design supports healthy eCommerce sales, with a 9.97% conversion rate over the last 6 months:

Healthy results for health oriented business. How fitting.