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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Wedding Planner Discovers the Power of Optimization

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies

This wedding planner is a long-time Marketing 360® client. A period comparison between 2018 and 2019 shows how we dropped their cost per conversion (CPC).

At Marketing 360®, there is nothing we love to see more than a long term trend of lower cost per conversion.

A lowered CPC is a performance indicator that shows a lot of things are going well. It shows we’re reaching the right people with the right message, that we’re persuading them to act, and that we’re doing these things without spending more.

Here’s what we mean. This is their data comparing January-May 2019 (period 1) to the same time frame in 2018 (period 2)

  • CPC dropped 60.99% ($12.35 down from $31.66)
  • Conversions are up 168.1%
  • Fuel spend is roughly the same

Their paid search (Top Placement Ads®) is the tactic that saw the biggest gains:

  • CPC down 69.78%
  • Conversions are up 227.04%
  • Ad spend down 2%

So they spent 2% less on their paid advertising this year compared to last but got 121 more conversions.

They had similar success with Retargeting Ads®

  • CPC down 57.06%
  • Conversions up 236.36%
  • Retargeting ad spend down 44.44%

They also had big gains in impressions from Facebook and in brand channel conversions, which come from direct website traffic and referrals.

With all of this, you get perfect evidence of what optimization means. We use that term a lot in marketing, but it’s just a fancy way of saying we work on your marketing collateral so that, over time, you get the kind of improvements this wedding planner has seen.

This includes work like:

  • Testing and improving ads
  • Designing website and landing page material
  • Creating videos and blog content
  • Testing and improving calls to action
  • Creating brand affinity with social media and retargeting ads

Sometimes marketers use the term optimization too broadly. The numbers from this client show what it really means.

Client reference M13580.