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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Video Content Raises Conversion Rates

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Design & Branding

This case study demonstrates the impact that adding videos to a website can have on conversion rates and organic search rankings.

Video is hot.  Read up on the latest marketing trends from Google, and you’ll find they can’t stop talking about the impact of video on digital marketing.

The usefulness of video to convey information is obvious.   A well-scripted video conveys vital information fast.  It’s also personable in way text never is because people are actually present in video content.

We know that adding video tends to have a positive impact on SEO because it varies the content on a website and engages visitors, improving engagement metrics that help pages rank.

Video can also be used on YouTube and social media, creating engagement on those channels.

But the real ROI test for any small business digital marketing tactic is conversions.  And that’s what business owners ask us.

Does adding videos to my website increase conversions?

The data certainly suggests that the answer is yes.  Here’s a case study that shows it.


Videos Go On, Conversions Go Up

This business is a property investment firm that makes cash offers for houses then flips them for sales.

The problem they recognized is that there is a lot of uncertainty people have about this process.  Selling a house, after all, is big deal.  You have to trust the people you’re working with.

So, they produced and added several types of videos to their website.

First, they added an video that gives an overview of their services:

They have this on their homepage, which also serves as their primary landing page for paid ad channels.

Next, they did some short form videos to add a personal touch to their frequently asked questions page.  Each question has both a text and spoken answer:

Third, they added testimonial videos that also served to answer FAQs and address common concerns:


This videos add a lot of information and value for visitors, and it shows.  As soon as they added these videos, we saw a spike in conversion rates:

video case study conversion rates

This is clearly a content related improvement because the while the total clicks remained consistent, the conversion rates went way up.

SEO Improves

We also optimized this site and added video content to location-based landing pages.  In this case, the videos we added were before/after features of a house the business worked on.  Here’s the video for the Fort Collins page:


Google likes pages with comprehensive content that includes video, and this helped us get ranked on page one for the target keyword “quick sales Fort Collins”.

video case study keyword ranking

Since the video campaign began, we’ve seen an increase in pages earning organic impressions and the number of overall organic impression continue to rise:

video case study

Overall, the efficacy of videos for digital marketing is showing why they’re such a hot trend.

If you’d like to have some videos produced for you business, contact us today!