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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Vet Clinic Wins With Unique Value Proposition

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies


A veterinary clinic came to Marketing 360® struggling to win business in the competitive Los Angeles market.

So we asked a simple but vital question.

What’s missing from the market? 

Asking that question was a turning point.  It got the wheels turning…what could this vet offer that other vets weren’t offering?  How could he turn that into a competitive advantage?

We consulted with him, taking time to flesh-out ideas.  In our discussions, one point came up several times.

People found it particularly difficult to transport their pet to the vet when it needed to be euthanized.  In fact on several recent occasions, he’d gone to client’s homes to perform the service.

Then the eureka moment.  House calls!

From this, he created the first mobile veterinary care service in LA.

This is the essence of how we create a unique value proposition, which is central to the marketing strategy and content creation process.

It’s also how we build towards this types of conversion numbers:

vet marketing case study conversion data

Having a strong value proposition is central to persuading people to use the service.

veterinary marketing case study value proposition

It also makes it easier to compete for keyword rankings.  We established this business organically for the seed keyword phrase “mobile vet” and they’re all over page one:

vet case study seo keywords


Paid search puts them on top of search results and drives a lot of mobile traffic, and also works great for people looking into putting their pet to sleep.

These results happen because this vet clinic discovered a market need, then built their marketing strategy around it.  That may be the single most important step any business can take.

Are you getting lost in the competition?  Talk to one of our marketing consultants today.  When can help you refine your value proposition and apply it to a successful marketing strategy.