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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Using Email Campaigns to Inform and Upsell

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Email & SMS Marketing

A Marketing 360® client selling a weight loss solution knows that the initial sale is just the beginning.  They use email campaigns to follow up with customers and provide instructions, tips, and encouragement to people on their weight loss journey.  The result is better use of the product, higher customer satisfaction, and upsells that generate further revenue.

Email automation is the undisputed champ when it comes to communicating with existing clients.  When people know who you are because they’re a customer, they’re receptive to the content you send.

This works beautifully with client retention campaigns.  Just a quarterly newsletter with a special offer can be enough to remind customers how much you care about their business.

In other cases, email automation can ensure that product is used correctly and encourage two-way communication between business and customer.  This cements the trust the customer has in the business resulting in more lifetime sales, word of mouth recommendations, and stellar reviews.

This Marketing 360® eCommerce client is a great example of how to develop and execute email marketing.


Case Study:  Weight Loss Solutions Gains Credibility, Trust, and Sales with Email Marketing

Weight loss products are incredibly competitive.  This Marketing 360® client knows that it’s not the initial sale, but the results their customers get from the product that really counts.  In fact, they have a 30-day money back guarantee, and they want to ensure they have as few refunds as possible.

So they turned to email marketing software to send automated campaigns with specialized content based on the product purchased.

There are three main goals for these emails:

  1. Ensure customers know how to use the products correctly with tips on diet and exercise.
  2. Encouragement of customers to support them in their weight loss efforts, including direct call to actions to contact the company if support or advice is needed.
  3. Upsell any products that further support the customer’s weight loss efforts.

Sending highly personalized content is made easy with email automation.

The first step is to create lists based on the products purchased.  Through CRM integration, customers are automatically put into the correct list:

email marketing list creation

Now begins a content journey planned in exact intervals.  On the software interface, you can see the emails mapped out for each campaigns with the time interval between emails:

email marketing sequence

The emails start building anticipation before the product even arrives:

email marketing intro email

Even this email has a call to action that helps build the relationship by inviting people to join them on Facebook or contact them with any questions.

Subsequent emails come at intervals associated with taking the product and measuring progress.  They offer encouragement and info, and also have upsell offers if the customer needs to stock up:

email marketing upsell

This email adds value and encourages engagement by offering recipe ideas.  Then offers more product for those who want to go for the longer protocol.

According to MailChimp, the average data for health supplement emails is an open rate of 17.26% and a click-through rate of 1.80%.

This campaign does considerably better, especially on click-throughs to the website:

email open rates

These emails provide a great deal of value to customers with a minimal amount of extra work from the business.  Once the email campaigns are set up by Marketing 360®, the process is automated.

Yet it’s personalized, heartfelt communication that shows how much this business wants its customers to be successful.

With their high conversion rates and great testimonials, it’s clear that most of them are.