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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Tree Service Finds That Clarity Converts

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Local Advertising

If there is one combo that is sure fire for converting local service businesses, it’s visibility plus convertibility.  This tree care service demonstrates how it works.

Two pillars of online marketing are visibility and convertibility.  Without these pillars in place, your digital marketing won’t be effective.

Visibility means people can find you when they search on Google.  You’re in the top places on mobile searches with paid ads, you’re in top positions on Google business listings, and you rank on page one organically for local searches.

Leads can find you.  In fact, they can’t miss you.

Convertibility means that your content is clear and persuasive.  You’re crystal clear about what you do and where you do it.   You present your value offering so it’s clear why you’re the best choice and why people can trust you to do what you promise.

Leads trust you and understand why they should hire you.

Here’s how these marketing elements come together for a Houston-based tree care service that uses Marketing 360®.



First, leads have to find them.  We use broad match modified targeting +tree + removal and get 87.51% impression share with an average ranking in position 2.18.

tree care marketing case study tpa data


The top ad converts at 20.75% (previous month’s data):

tree care top ad


They also rank consistently in on page one for high-value organic searches:

tree care service case study organic rankings

Their map listing is top 5, and we’re working to get them into the top 3 so they show up on the main search page.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for tree care services in Houston, you’ll find this website.

They’re visible.



High conversion rates don’t happen unless the website content is clear and persuasive.  This UXI designed website hits the mark:

tree care case study website design

  1. They’re clear about their service areas (including a back page listing all the surrounding areas they service).
  2. Calls to action encourage phone calls and estimate requests.
  3. Trust badges and links to reviews build trust and let people know they do quality work.
  4. A special offer motivates immediate action.

When someone visits this website, there’s no doubt about what the offer is, no doubt about where they work, and no doubt that they’re a trustworthy, established business.

We don’t call these “pillars” for nothing.  Conversions rates are held up by these critical marketing elements.

Do you have the pillars in place for your business?

If you’re not certain, give us a call today.  We established them for this tree care service, and we can do it for you.