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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Tips on Creating Facebook Content That Gets Reactions

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Social Media Management

Most Facebook posts are considered a success if they get a high number of reactions.  Here are some tips and examples of posts that got a lot of reactions, creating strong brand awareness.

When you create a Facebook post for your business, you are trying to provoke a reaction in people.  At the very least, you want them to show how they feel about your post via a Like emoji:

facebook likes

Tactically, the reason you need this to happen is that as posts get reactions, they show up in more people’s News Feeds.  This spreads your brand message to a larger audience.  Also, when posts from your business page get more reactions, Facebook sees that your content engages people and therefore ranks new posts higher, creating a kind of chain reaction that increases your exposure.

If nobody ever reacts to any of your content, your visibility will completely drop off, effectively eliminating your organic Facebook traffic.

There are certain types of posts that do better than others at provoking a reaction in people.  Here are some case study examples.


Connecting With Trends

At some point, someone with a marketing agenda starting creating “National Days”, that include preeminent occasions such as national Grab Some Nuts Day, Girlfriend Day and Coloring Book Day.

These concocted “days” or other events are most popular on social media because they create a theme people can build their content around.  They also tend to get more reactions and engagement.

For example, a Florist client went with the natural flow on National Relaxation Day:

national flower day

Another client got big engagement numbers by hooking into Shark Week:

facebook post

#mondaymotivation is a very popular topic to post on, and is a good time to create posts with inspirational quotes, which are popular overall:

Another success on #motivationmonday:

facebook post

Often, these days or events may seem trite and distant from the conversion-based message you’d like to put in front of your audience.

But this is the type of content that gets reactions on Facebook.  So find one of the unique days, create a message around it, and be funny, philosophical, or touchy/feely as the occasion warrants.


Ask A Question or Elicit an Opinion

On of the most effective ways to increase engagement with Facebook posts is to actually ask people to react, answer a question, or take a stand.

For example, this post got a lot of quality engagement:

facebook post with question

This post asks a direct question:

facebook question


This simple post – using no image – did nothing more than pose a question that people clearly had strong feelings about.  As if often the case with posts that do well on Facebook, this is an everyday – rather than extremely heavy – topic.  946 comments will boost everything from the page:

facebook comments


Pro Tip:  Avoid “Like-Farming”

A word of caution as you create content designed to provoke a reaction.

As a business, avoid the practice of what is called “like-farming” or “share-farming”.  These are posts used by internet scammers to get people to react, then use that as a gateway to gain access to personal data such as credit card and social security numbers.

Many of these posts feature the heart-breaking story of child in need, asking you like the post to increase donations:

facebook like scam

Source CBS News.

It’s also better avoid posts that directly ask people to like or share if the agree with post:

facebook share scam

Not only are you likely to hurt your chances of reactions because people will be wary of this type of post, it also has a tackiness that’s associated with click-bait.  These posts are in bad taste and will not go over well with savvy Facebook users.

Engagement is the name of the game on Facebook.  A inspirational quote or funny meme that goes with a national day is powerful brand marketing and can be effective top of funnel lead generation.

It’s all about speaking the language of the platform.  These types of posts are what people enjoy and engage with on Facebook.  To get likes, give people what they like.