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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: The Importance of Sticking It Out With Your Marketing Plan

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies

We have a Marketing 360® photography client that’s doing very well with his lead-generation.  He’s worked with us for 9 months now, and his results are steadily increasing.

However, we almost didn’t get to this point.  Because at 3 months he wanted to cancel.

This is a review of why that 3-month mark is so dangerous for a marketing plan, and why it’s so important that you stick it out.

“I’m contacting you today because I want to terminate my relationship…”

Around three months into marketing campaigns, we sometimes get an email or phone call that starts this way.  At this point, it’s not uncommon that no measurable results have been attained, and people start to panic.

They get a bill for marketing services.  They’re making the investment.  But it doesn’t seem to be paying off.  It’s scary.

Our photography client sent this email to his marketing executive.  He wasn’t seeing a return.  Time to bail.

Stick It Out

The ME calmed him down.  He said look, let’s lower your budget by 20% but not quit.  We’re just not there yet.

He adjusted the budget and did some further optimization work to lower cost-per-click on paid ads.  They did a monster page to up the SEO results.

And the ME gave the client some homework.  At this point, the business had no online reviews because the owner didn’t want them. He didn’t want to ask people for them.

The ME simply said this is unacceptable.  He told him how important reviews are, and that he had to improve his review profile to start getting more conversions.  The owner agreed to start asking more and let our reputation management team start emailing former clients.

This calmed the client enough to let us continue our work.

On Track

Fast forward a few months, and things are starting to change.  Work is coming in more steadily.  Now instead of lowering the budget 20%, it’s clear that the better move is to increase it 20% from the original amount.

Reviews are coming in steadily.  He’s on page one organically for his prime keyword target.

Now, at the nine-month mark, the idea of stopping the marketing is absurd.  He’s making good money.  The results are up across the board:

conversion data

The last 90 days compared to the previous 90:

  • Conversions are up 23.68%
  • Conversion rate up 22.57%
  • Cost per conversion is down 19.03%

He went from zero online reviews to 41 with a rating score of 96 on Top Rated Local®.

He’s on track for long-term success.

The Moral of the Story…

…is that executing and optimizing a marketing plan takes longer than just a few months.  We have a 6-month contract with our clients not because we want to trap them in some way, but as a way of saving them from themselves in case of the 3-month jitters hit.

It’s not uncommon at all for the results to be minimal after only two or three months.  We’ve spent a good portion of that time just building collateral.  We’re just getting enough data to respond to and modify campaigns.

The ME for this account says that in fact, many of the clients who tell him at 3 months they want to quit end up being his best long-term clients.  They’re passionate about what they’re doing and anxious to succeed.

And they do, with the proper time expectations.

If we hit 6-months and the results are going nowhere, we’ll fire ourselves.  But that rarely happens.

If you want to market a business, be prepared to stick it out.  Results don’t come overnight.  It’s a real shame when someone pulls out of a good plan because they panic.

Part of your marketing investment is time.  Make sure you stick it out so you start getting returns on that investment.

Client reference m14380.