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Case Study: Screen Company Gets 4,487.90% ROI on SEO Marketing

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | eCommerce Marketing

This screen company is getting a great return on investment from their online marketing work with Marketing 360®.  Here’s how they did it, with tips on how you can do it as well.

When we speak with prospective clients at Marketing 360®, one of the things we always try to impress on people is that marketing is an investment.

People want to look at marketing as an expense.  They always ask how much do your services cost? 

For the most part, there isn’t a set price.  Every plan is customized based on what the business will need to do for their marketing to be successful.  That success is measured by return on the investment.  The goal is to make enough over what you put in that you’re highly profitable.

Marketing 360® works with an online screen retailer with stellar ROI numbers.  Here’s the breakdown.


Case Study:  Screen Company Achieves Massive Marketing ROI

Let’s just start with the numbers.  This is sales data for the last three months:

marketing roi data

The Natural Listing Ads® organic SEO channel is killing it with a momentous 4487.90% return on their marketing investment.

You can only get this kind of ROI on organic search when you’re ranking for some really high-value keywords.

Here are their high ranking heavyweights:

seo keyword data

These are high volume keywords with strong buying intent.  At this point, the NLA® content creation is about maintaining these high rankings and adding additional long-tail phrases that are more specific.  They rank on page one for 3063 keyword phrases, all related to products they sell.

The SEO maintenance work is not a huge investment, especially compared to the return.  During this period they spent $3875 that resulted in $177,781 in revenue.

The Top Placement Ads® paid search channel requires more investment with the highest cost per conversion at $61.74.  However, it still has great ROI with a 109.81% return on investment.  For every buck they put in, they get 2 and some change back.  You’ll do that all day long.

Both of these channels feed into their retargeting ads, which grabbed up over 200 more sales during this period with a 133% return on investment.  This ad gets an even number of retargeted leads on Google and Facebook:

screen company retargeting ad

But the biggest ROI boon comes from the brand channel.  Each of the other channels contributes to brand awareness that drives direct traffic, brand name searches, and referral traffic from outside links and social media.

Brand channel conversions are based on the awareness and reach the other channels create.  This means there is no additional investment.   This site got nearly 30k visitors and 2832 more sales conversions as a result of the vast reach their overall marketing strategy is creating.

The other aspect of this is that their website content coverts well.  They have a professional, mobile responsive UXI® website design.  They use an email follow-up to get more Google and product reviews from happy customers.  They have a convincing video that assures you of their commitment to quality and customer service.

And they have a niche.  They’re not trying to compete with Home Depot by selling everything for homes.  Just custom screen products.  That specialization makes their traffic dominance and strong conversion rates possible.

This business invests a lot in marketing – and they are happy to do it.  When you’re tripling your investment, the only question left is how to scale up.