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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Pool Service Website Shows Design Does Matter

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Design & Branding

A Florida-based pool care service came to Marketing 360® with an unsightly relic of a website.  Conversion rates were abysmal.  The huge jump they got from a new website shows that design does matter.

A Florida pool care service came to Marketing 360® wondering what was wrong.  The owner explained that their website, first designed in 2002, was – in his opinion – just fine.

However, he told us his wife used words like repulsive, frightful, and fossilized to describe the site.  She’d threatened to quit the family business if he didn’t talk to someone about a new design.

We looked at the site.  His wife was right.

This site wasn’t just outdated and unappealing, it was weird.  The homepage, for some reason, featured a picture of their front yard.  The layout was disjointed, with odd navigation headers that included “splash with us” for the contact page and “get chlorinated” as the services page.

We’re not kidding.  To find the business’ phone number, you had to click on a link that said “splash with us”.

A long, single paragraph filled the bottom of the page.  It was a huge block of words that immediately looked unreadable.  It detailed the owners business journey over 15 years and highlighted that they are family owned.  They summed their intro up by stating they had three kids and two dogs.  Customer service, they said, was their priority.

The only thing missing was the details of how they delivered their pool care services or a value offering that made it clear why anyone should choose to work with them.

Our marketing consultant got back to the owner and kindly said he sided with his wife on this.

At least, the MC noted, there was no mystery as to why their conversion rates were so low.  Everything was wrong with this website.  Nobody wanted to splash with them.

As reality set in, the owner realized it was time for a total overhaul.  They took advantage of our free website design service and signed on to get a professional marketing plan in place.


The Results

First, a transformation from a slug into a butterfly (contact into omitted for privacy):

pool service case study homepage design

Yes!  You can actually tell this is a pool care service!  It says what they do and where they work!  The contact page is actually called “Contact”.   And miracle of miracles, the phone number is in the header!

The layout is functional, attractive, and mobile responsive.

Right out of the gate, this site started converting.  They went from nonexistent conversion rates to a really strong 11%.

pool marketing case study conversion data

The old design is dead and vanished.  It was barely visible or viable when it was live.

The new site is conversion rainmaker.

Does design matter?

You bet it does.