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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Plumber Rides Reviews and Design to High Conversion Rates

This Marketing 360® plumbing client uses sharp design and excellent reviews to drive stellar conversion rates.

There is correlation in marketing data for local service businesses like plumbers which is undeniable.

A boat load of great reviews anchored with a strong landing page design equals strong conversion rates.

An amateur or dated design with either too many negative reviews or no reviews equals conversion rates on the ocean floor.

This is so true that we’ve seen long-established businesses get outmaneuvered by newcomers that advertised aggressively, one-upped them on design, and beat them at winning positive reviews.

A plumbing service in Washington that started in 1958 came to Marketing 360® facing this problem.

In a nutshell, they got complacent.  They had a long established name, but coming up on their sixth decade in business, they’d neglected their digital assets.

Their website was an anachronism.  A jumble of irrelevant content, dated images, and confusing navigation.  It was not mobile responsive, which is an inexcusable sin.  The design was a generation behind.

Just as bad, they’d neglected to leverage their well established name to gain online review content.  Regulars who’d used them for decades hadn’t bothered with a Google review.  They had no Facebook reviews – because they had no Facebook business page.

They’d fallen behind on contractor sites like HomeAdvisor and had not claimed their Yelp listing, which was a jumble of random reviews (including some one star bombs from unknown sources).

Even with some high SEO rankings, their advantage was slipping away.

Fortunately, they called Marketing 360®.


Step One:  Website Redesign

First, we did a total redesign on UXI®, highlighted by a strong landing page for their Top Placement Ads®.

plumber landing page

This mobile responsive design highlights their experience, states their value proposition, and has clear calls to action.

Next, we helped with their reputation management to build out their review profile.  They went from a scattered, weak presence to having a 97.3 Rating Score on Top Rated Local, with 30 reviews on that platform and 29 reviews on Facebook.

plumber case study reviews.

This work resulted in some stratospheric conversion rates:

plumber case study conversion data

The biggest data point difference we saw was with the paid search channels, where the new landing pages resulted in a 149.67% increase in conversion rates (last 6 months period 1, previous six months period 2).

plumber tpa period comparison

That’s the kind of number that blasts a business out of the past – and past their competition.