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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Moving Company Lifts Conversion Rates Sky High

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Paid Search

This Marketing 360® moving company uses organic and paid search marketing to maximize conversions.  Here’s a breakdown.

Moving company marketing tends to be tricky.  Because leads move around.

What we mean is, most moving companies want to market in broad geographic areas.  Many offer services in multiple cities or states where they’d like to get leads.

But organic search marketing doesn’t always work in their favor.  The more locations the business wants to rank for where they offer services but maintain no physical presence, the harder it is to gain visibility.

The strategy to overcome this resembles a target.  The bulls-eye is local, high-value traffic the business can rank for organically.  This is the traffic they must have, because local moving leads are most likely to turn into jobs.

On the outside of the target are leads coming from outlying geographic areas.  For the most part, getting traffic in these areas requires paid search advertising.

moving leads target

Between the two, a moving business can do very well.  Here’s an example.


Case Study:  Moving Leads Generated From TPA® and NLA®

A northern Colorado moving company that works with Marketing 360® gets excellent results from mixing their organic search (NLA) and paid search (TPA) advertising.

Here’s their data over the last 90 days:

moving company case study data

An overall conversion rate of 32.54% topping out with 42.05% on organic channels that drive mainly local conversions.

A look at the search results makes it clear why they’re doing so well:

moving leads serp

The organic results primarily come from geo-targeted searches in a number of cities in Northern Colorado.

The TPA paid search works well to target searches in other Colorado locations they want to rank for and for general searches that don’t include a geographic modifier.  They also use paid search to rank for branded searches for their local competition by using broad match for terms like “moving company”.

Brand conversions come from direct traffic and social media referrals.

Their website design is simple and to the point, with a click to call button and short form to fill out a request for estimate.  Add in a testimonials page to build trust, and you get a conversion lift any mover would be happy with.