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Marketing 360® Blog

Fuel Your Brand®: Local Retailer Gains From Online Marketing

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies

Do you own a brick and mortar store and wonder if you can execute and track digital marketing? Here’s how it works for a furniture retailer that works with Marketing 360®.

Local retailers need a few things to happen so they can deem their marketing a success.

The first is customers walking through the door. An excellent result, but difficult to associate with a specific campaign.

The other is phone calls, which can be associated with campaigns through call-tracking.

The ultimate result is more customers, sales, and revenue.

Here’s what conversion data looks like for Las Vegas furniture retailer who works with Marketing 360® (past 9 months):

All of these conversions are tracked as phone calls.

Their top channel is organic search, where our optimization work has them ranking on page one for their top performing keywords:

They also excel with paid search advertising:

Data gives this business an accurate picture of how their search traffic translates into website traffic and calls to the store. As our paid and organic search marketing work increases traffic, we correlate those numbers with revenue changes, allowing us to gauge ROI from the online marketing efforts.

This is an example of omnichannel marketing at work, and specifically what is called webrooming. People look up the business online and browse their online store. Then they switch from digital and start making calls and visiting the physical location – where the sales happen.

The key here is call-tracking set-up through Marketing 360®. You correlate search queries to call conversions so you know what searches are driving valuable traffic.

Client reference M25170.