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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Law Firm Grows With Landing Page Content

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies

One of the keys to website marketing is getting into the mindset of the target audience. You want your website content to reflect what they’re thinking and match their needs.

Many law firms and other business websites get this backward, focusing on themselves instead of the visitor’s mindset. This results in lower conversion rates.

A law firm that works with Marketing 360® gets this right on landing pages for their primary practice areas. The results are excellent conversion rates.

Their top landing page is for DUI law, which converts at 47.39%:

The landing page does an excellent job of empathizing with visitors and outlining how someone arrested for DUI has rights that this firm is there to defend.

They also do well with criminal law searches, converting at 63.37%.

Descriptive landing pages that create an affinity with visitors make a difference. They implemented this strategy half-way through this year, and the increase in conversions is clear. Here’s a comparison of data the 180 days before we added the practice area landing pages (at this time they just used their homepage as the landing page) vs the past 180 with the landing pages:

  • Conversion rate up 73.78%
  • Conversions up 94.12%
  • Bounce rate down 36.71%

In May of this year this we created landing pages and started running campaigns to them. Conversions went up quickly:

This is a strong example of website optimization work using effective tactics.

Run ads for specific needs like an are of law practice then take people to a landing page that reflects their needs. This creates an affinity that will get them to contact your firm about their legal issues.

Client reference M15708.