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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: Landscaping Company Lands Huge Job Through Social Targeting Ads

Is there ROI with Facebook Lead Ads?  A Marketing 360® landscaping client using our Social Targeting Ads® program says Yes!

When we do a marketing consultation at Marketing 360®, people are excited – but often skeptical – about lead-generation on Facebook.

“Sure”, they say, “my target audience is on Facebook, but can I actually generate leads?  Aren’t they just there sharing cat memes and family pictures?”

It is true that Facebook is more personalized in 2018.  They’ve made it harder for business content to rank organically on news feeds.

However, when it comes to marketing a local business targeting a relatively small geographic area, Facebook can be extremely effective at generating leads.  Depending on your service, the ROI on a small campaign can be gigantic.


Facebook Lead Ad Leads to Big Landscaping Jobs

This Marketing 360® client wanted to get in front of the best landscaping leads on social media.  We decided to set up a Facebook Lead Ads campaign.

The target audience is based on demographics and interests, targeting:

  1. People in a 10-mile radius of the cities of Castle Rock and Sedalia Colorado.
  2. People with an interest in gardening and landscaping.
  3. English speakers.
  4. People with an annual household income between 150-500K.
  5. People with a net-worth over 500K.

This did two things.  It targeted people who showed interest or buying patterns that suggested they’re looking into landscaping.  And it targeted people who make enough money to contract big jobs.

Here is the ad we ran:

sta facebook ad landscaping


As a Facebook Lead Ad, the Get Quote call to action opens a short form and with a click to call button right on Facebook; the lead doesn’t have to navigate to the website to convert.

Now, this is a very targeted campaign, with an audience size of only 1000 people.  Here are the results:

  • 24 conversions at a total cost of $3376.58.
  • This resulted in two new jobs, with a revenue total of $160,000.

A small, localized campaign, but highly targeted.  They hit the ROI jackpot.

Of course there is a bit of serendipity here.  One job was for 149K, and not every campaign will deliver on that big of job.

But this is part of a bigger lead-generation strategy that has this client seeing an increase of 70% over the same time last year (2017).  Not hard to track their growth since starting with Marketing 360®:

landscaper case study data That’s the kind of marketing data you want to see.