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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: IT Managed Service Wins With Local Optimization

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies

This Marketing 360® IT managed service client converts effectively by targeting clients local to them first.  It’s a winning strategy in this vertical.

We have IT managed services contact us often looking for marketing help.  It’s a good thing because most of them really need it.

As a business vertical, IT managed service/business tech support companies that have a locally based network operations center tend to really struggle with online, inbound marketing tactics.  One of the biggest problems is that many of them try to present themselves as “national” (or even global) companies, and they target too large of a geographic area.

The result?  They’re trying to win business in London while an ideal client that’s less than 5 miles from their offices doesn’t know they exist.

Marketing 360® works with an IT managed service provider to do the opposite.  They started by optimizing locally, and now they’re in a better position to expand their reach.

Computer Repair Near Me

If you’re in Monrovia CA (suburb of LA) and you search for “computer repair near me”, this business comes up on page one.  It’s in position #1 for “managed IT services Monrovia”.  Their top keywords center around local results:

it services case study organic keywords

Since they’ve been working with Marketing 360®, their local organic keyword results have shot up, with 84 keyword phrases in the top 10:

keyword growth

They get 46.8% of their conversions from organic traffic.  They’re known locally, so they get 51.9% from brand (mainly direct) traffic:

it services conversions

Their conversion rates are 4.11% overall, led by 6.28% through organic (last 60 days).

it services case study conversion data

That’s a solid number for any business services vertical, but it’s outstanding for IT managed services.  Many of the sites we audit have less than .05% conversion rate.

All of this works because our marketing strategy is to target locally first and to present the business a local service provider.  This has also helped them build up their review profile, with a really excellent 95.75 rating score on Top Rated Local®.

it trl page

Now they’re in a good position to push their reach in the greater LA and Orange County area.   With that, they can reach their business goals, and they don’t have to try to work with anyone on London time.

Find top rated computer IT services near me.