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Marketing 360® Blog

Case Study: HVAC Lowers Cost Per Lead Acquisition with Local Service Ads

Post By Scott Yoder | Case Studies | Local Advertising

This California-based heating and cooling company needed to convert their paid search to Google’s Local Service Ads.  With help from Marketing 360®, they’re getting a strong flow of new leads with a greatly decreased cost per acquisition (CPA).

When Google announced that many markets for home contracting services were moving to their Local Service Ads, a low-level panic set in among the impacted businesses.

Suddenly, there were going to be background checks and a verification process to become a Google Guaranteed business.  Customer reviews became critical for ranking in the search results.  The process of bidding for traffic/leads was turned on its head.

But there was good news as well.  Suddenly, CPA – rather than cost per click (CPC) – was the main metric.  In fact, LSA is a pay per lead platform, which many contractors favored.


The Process

Marketing 360® began by processing this business to ensure they passed all the background and verification checks so they gained Google Guaranteed status.

Next, we optimized their Google My Business account to make sure all their content was updated and relevant.

Then we started a reputation management campaign to build out their reviews on Google using this email follow up:

hvac marketing review email template

The “Good” links to their Google page, the “Not Good” opens a feedback form.  They went from zero to 26 reviews in no time with 5-star rating average.

From here, we set budgets and began running their ads.


The Results

The results have been overwhelmingly positive for this company.

In their area of California, the PPC bids for page one top positions were pricing them out of contention.  At one point, their CPA was $838.87.  Mind you that was the cost to get a lead, not the cost of winning the business.

This can happen with the pay per click model since you pay to get traffic to your website with the contingency that it may not convert.   Even at a 13.98% conversion rate, this wasn’t tenable.

With LSA, their CPA has dropped to $34.  Over $800 bucks less per lead.

Obviously, this platform is paying off for this business.

Need help making the move to LSA?  Call us today.  We’ve got the process nailed.